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A private band organiser

Plan your gigs and rehearsals better with Band Mule.

App's main features

Band Mule incorporates a private chat room, shared calendar and set-list management to allow bands to better plan for gigs and rehearsals.

Share gig dates, set-lists, ideas and comments.

Add new members easily so that they can receive all updates and never come to a practice unprepared.

Shared Calendar

All members can quickly view the shared calendar to view upcoming rehearsals and gigs over the coming months. Each member can let others know when they will be unavailable.

Private Chat

The chatroom is a private place for chat between all band members. Chat via the app, or desktop web app.

Share Set-lists

Build and share set-lists with the band. Add songs to your song library can create as many set lists as you need. Attach set-lists to an upcoming gig. Add and remove songs from setlists, re-order them, and share them as a printable PDF document ready for gigging.

Shared Calendar

Band Mule comes with a shared calendar that can be accessed within the mobile app or the web app. All members can contribute and update the calendar to let others know of any booked gigs or practices. Members can also list any dates that they are unavailable. Add important notes to any gigs listed in the calendar.

Private Chat

Band Mule automatically includes a private chatroom that can be accessed via the mobile app or the web app. This lets them get up to speed with the rest of the band quickly!

Build and Share Set-lists

Create as many set-lists as you like from your library of songs. Re-order them and share/print them easily as a PDF file for your next gig.

Manage Member Access

Quickly invite and manage new members to Band Mule from within the app. Once invited, new members just need to verify their email address to get started and can view all shared setlists and gigs. Set-lists can be created and updated via the desktop web app, iPhone app and Android app.

Band Mule Web App

Band Mule has a fully featured desktop web app. Chat, update the calendar, manage users, update availablity and manage set-lists all from a web browser.

Frequent questions

How much does it cost?

Band Mule is free for the first two months, then you can continue onto a monthly subscription if you like the app, or quit with no charge. Only the account owner needs to subscribe, then anyone you invite to your band(s) will have full access. One subscription covers all members of all bands you choose to create.

What devices are supported?

There is currently an iPhone app and an Android App. Band Mule can also be used via a desktop browser.

Is the information private?

Yes. All information you share is only accessable to members that you invited. Members will receive notifications via the app.

Will you pass my details onto third party companies?

No chance. We are only interested in making Band Mule as useful to our users as possible. To do that we appreciate as much feedback as possible and will use this to constantly improve the service and introduce new features. We have no interest in selling any of our data and never will.

How many bands can I register?

You can register multiple bands if you are in more than one, using a single login. You can switch between bands profiles and have a separate calendar and set-lists for each one.

Download it now

Download Band Mule from the App Store or the Play Store. You can also access Band Mule from a web browser.

About our team

Band Mule was created by musicians looking to manage their gigs in one place, and make sure that everyone had the latest set-lists, gig dates and general information at their fingertips.

The app was born out of a general need for something a little more joined-up than email, text and messenger apps. One of the main goals of Band Mule is to make sure all members are always on the same page and have the most up-to-date information without having to wade through email chains or calendars shared over multiple apps. You should be able to open up one single app, and have all the latest information in front of you in no more than three taps of the screen.

While we strive to make the app as good as possible, we also realise that it must always be evolving to meet the needs of bands better than ever. We appreciate all feedback, good and bad, and encourage you to get in touch. This greatly helps us to improve our service. Please drop us an email at admin@bandmule.com with any thoughts.

We hope you enjoy using Band Mule!